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Premium content-driven online marketing in your brand's voice

Positive Partnerships (est. 2004) is a marketing agency specialising in online channels. Our expertise is in luxury, boutique or highly service-oriented brands.

All our efforts are based on developing quality content which speaks your brand’s language and enhances your reputation. It’s an uncompromisingly premium service where we take the trouble to understand your brand, products and values inside out.

For this reason, we work only with a small handful of clients at any one time; and exclusively with companies which have an excellent reputation and a brand we believe in.

We set up the London Hotels Insight blog as an example to demonstrate how
quality content, well-judged social media and smart SEO can quickly achieve authority and high organic search rankings for some of the internet’s most competitive keywords.

On a shoestring budget, London Hotels Insight already ranks higher for certain key search terms than established aggregators and hotels which spend huge sums on SEO.

Positive Partnerships is managed by Rajul Chande who has worked with some of the world's leading premium brands and written a book on the hotel industry.

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Client testimonials
"We've worked with Positive Partnerships since 2005 to market our exclusive luxury properties.  They’ve given us a real competitive edge."

(Ramón Fernández, Director, Costa Activa)

Visit: Costa Activa