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Want to Grow Your Direct Hotel Revenues (GUARANTEED*) within 2 Months?

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Here's How to Optimize Your Direct Hotel Revenues on Auto Pilot...

Release Your Hotel’s Hidden Revenues

Most hotel websites are full of hidden bottlenecks that prevent guests from booking directly.

Without knowing it, hoteliers actively send leads to book with OTAs at the same rate with
fewer benefits. Not only do you pay unnecessary commissions but the guest loses too.

Our ninja team of Hotel Revenue Analysts quickly identify where you are losing leads. We dive DEEP into every step of your online funnel. Once the bottleneck is identified we plug the hole to release the revenues that are currently ‘blocked’ as fast as possible.

This urgent problem can be solved with the right toolkit. Please get this done and stop sending free business to OTAs.

This first quick win will already pay for everything and guarantee your ROI.


 We’ll grow your direct booking revenues by a pre-agreed target or your money back

#1 In-Depth Funnel Analysis

Step 1 finds your bottlenecks or revenue blockages. We go through each funnel step – discovery, site visit, date search, booking.

Most solution providers won’t go this deep: if they sell hammers, all problems need a hammer. At best they may only address part of the issue and often have no impact on direct revenues.

Our approach is to hack into your funnel to find your biggest revenue opportunity. It is gold prospecting with immediate returns.

#2 Release ‘Quick Win’ Revenue

By the end of the Funnel Analysis – which we’ll get done as fast as possible – you’ll know what needs to be fixed to unleash the ‘easy revenues’. And then we get this done for you.

Here are a few examples of quick wins that we’ve generated for clients:

  • A quick change to the booking calendar (5 minutes of work) which led to a 10% uplift in conversion right away
  • A simple recalibration of a homepage design based on real-time visitor analysis, which reduced bounce rate by 20% immediately
  • A new traffic source that provided a 30% increase in highly qualified leads
  • A 10% improvement in PageSpeed via mobile optimisation that led to a 33% improvement in mobile conversion
  • Correction of a mis-specified landing page to boost a campaign’s result by 25% right away

This is NOT one size fits all. Every hotel and every website has different opportunities.

And since we are a multi-disciplinary team made up of hospitality digital experts we have the skillset to do whatever it takes to fix your online funnel.

Remember this is not a website optimisation service – it is funnel improvement to generate revenues. The ONLY success measure is increased revenue. We won’t pull the wool over your eyes. By stacking your ‘wins’ upfront we’ll give you a fast return on your investment.

Once our expert Hotel Revenue Analysts have unblocked your funnel, you’ll immediately pocket those diverted revenues that should already be yours.

#3 Optimise Your Funnel with Tailored Rates

After you cash in these initial gains, you’ll likely already have positive ROI. Everything else is then pure value.

At this stage we install a powerful analytics app (5 minute install) that acts like a dynamic camera in your online funnel and gives you visibility over each interaction. Check out Optimand here.

It’s like a device for keyhole surgery, giving you a precise view of the inner working of your site far superior to Google Analytics.

We can then send personalised offers to your best leads, showing them only to those ready to book at highest value to you on your site. This will be tracked through to give you precise ROI.

#4 Automate Your Direct Hotel Revenue Growth

The final step is in a way the most powerful and most difficult but the true game-changer.

Because we’ll make the revenue optimisation set up above systematic and repeated in a way that allows you to step away from the business and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You will get extensive reports linked to your PMS which provide additional insight. You’ll be presented detailed audience analytics on your customers who are searching for rooms – you’ll see exactly who is converting and why. You’ll get visibility on demand in your locality.

Best of all, we’ll also present the ACTION from these insights which if you sign off we’ll execute for you! It’s like having a revenue optimisation team applying best practice to keep you ahead, since we know what OTAs are doing.

It will mean that you need only check reports to see that your direct revenue is flowing as it should, with everything else done for you.

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Relax and Watch Your Direct Revenues Grow

Once your funnel has been unblocked, you can relax because you’ll finally have a website that is maximising your direct revenue.

At this stage we add tools to give you maximum visibility on your real-time demand and ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to convert visitors who want to stay with you.

By allowing you to offer tailored rates to your best visitors, we turn your hotel website into a revenue machine with zero wastage. And we do this within your existing infrastructure (i.e. no expensive new IT investment) using just web-based apps.

You’ll soon have full control of your revenues and total peace of mind.

Positive Partnerships (based London, England) has been serving hotels and luxury brands since 2009.

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