Misura il tuo Social Media ROI in 6 Semplici Passi

Utilizzi i social media per il tuo business? Inizia allora a misurare il tuo successo o a imparare dai tuoi fallimenti per procedere a pieno ritmo. Se non fai nessun calcolo, allora stai semplicemente perdendo tempo e denaro. Questo post spiega come elaborare il ROI dei social media in 6 semplici passi, ricordandoci che visibilità=potere! […]

Your 20-Point Social Media Healthcheck for 2018

Ready to take your social media to the next level in 2018? Whizz through this post to see exactly what you need to do. Our 20-point checklist will set you up with a clear strategy for 2018. Short of time? Contact us to do it for you. Strip your social media to its profitable essentials […]

How 10 Top Global Hotel Brands Rank on Google PageSpeed

This is a follow-up to a guest post we recently had featured on eHotelier, the world’s biggest portal for hoteliers. In that post we asked whether OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) outperform hotel brands on Google PageSpeed. This follow-up post takes a slightly different tack and extends the analysis to other world-famous hotel brands. When working […]

10 Proven Steps to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Image: PP Limited Let’s face it – Slow websites don’t convert.   For any new visitor or potential customer landing on your site, you only get a few seconds to grab their attention, and if your website loads too slow, your visitor will simply close the page or go back and move away to a competitor […]

Hotels: Measure your ROI from Social Media in 6 Easy Steps

Hotels tend to be heavy social media users, whether individual hotels or big brands. We currently manage social media growth projects at both ends of the spectrum and have blogged on Twitter best practice at 10 London hotels. How can hotels be sure that social media is an ROI-positive activity? And with the wealth of tools and opportunities on […]

How Baglioni Hotels Grew @ItalianTalks from 0 to 13,000 Twitter Fans in 3 Years

Influencer marketing case study: the Italian Talks growth story Back in February 2013, the Italian Talks blog was telling its “Italian stories by true lovers of Italy” in a quiet corner of the internet…the trouble was, few were listening. The blog had been started in mid 2012 by Baglioni Hotels and was producing a steady stream of content […]

How 10 London Hotels Use Twitter: Best (& Worst) Practice

Twitter Best Practice

10 mini case studies of London hotels. Enjoy! The digital age has presented the hospitality sector with a rich armoury of tools with global reach. Hotel marketers can now use social media to engage emotionally with their audience. And now that almost all hotels are present on Twitter, how well are they using these tools? […]

Top 3 Multilingual Digital Marketing Success Stories

Three in-depth case studies with screenshots, videos and action plans. Enjoy! At Positive Partnerships, we love it when a multilingual digital marketing plan comes together. So we’ve deconstructed 3 of the best campaigns we’ve come across, all in different sectors with transferable learnings. There are three distinct campaign types: a launch campaign, a market penetration […]

Top 10 Criteria to Choose the Right Translation Agency

One of the first decisions in localising your website and marketing is to assess the cost-effectiveness of a professional translation. And with an estimated 26,000 language service providers worldwide in 150 countries (source: Common Sense Advisory) it’s hard to make the right decision. Here at Positive Partnerships, we’ve managed dozens of localisation projects for our […]