Hotels & Travel Brands:  Boost Your Influence  "Done-for-You" Service 


One-off fixed investment: 4 weeks of hard work to set up partnerships to give you benefits for years to come. 
Money Back Guarantee 

Tell us your key goals through a quick Skype call or 15-minute questionnaire. We'll identify high-quality social media influencers to help you grow (with full stats and evaluation). We'll craft your long-term partnership plan with each influencer's contact info, outreach template emails & your collateral created by us, approved by you. We'll then execute the agreed introductions for you.

  • Define Your Goals
  • Identify Your Top Influencers
  • Bespoke Strategic Plan
  • You Approve, We Execute
  • Success Tracking Set-Up: Fans, Engagement, Leads, Bookings and ROI
  • We Set Up Your Influencer Partnerships in 1 Month, You Benefit for Years to Come!
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:   If we don't set up at least one influencer partnership you're happy with, we'll refund your full money back, no questions asked.

Companies we've previously worked with in the travel sector: 
Radisson Edwardian Hotels, Red Carnation Hotels, Pestana Hotels,,, Baglioni Hotels, Tune Hotels, Base2stay (Nadler) Hotels, Breathe Italy. See blog for case studies.