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The toolkit will give you all the information you need to develop your very own effective and profitable Social Media strategy.

Your free toolkit includes:
- Growth Plan to boost your online visibility
- List of relevant social media and influencers
- ROI calculator to analyse results and success
- Social Media Calendar Template
- Competitor Benchmarking Model

Need more help? Click through to discover our services. We are an international digital marketing agency based in London working through a team of online influencers to develop & execute effective social media strategies in various countries.


Facebook is the most widely-used social network and improving your visibility there is becoming increasingly essential.
PPLimited offers you a tailor-made solution to reach all your potential customers on Facebook and to help you commmunicate with them effectively and profitably.
We have years of experience on projects covering a single or multiple countries and continents. We specialise in social media communication and in managing Facebook ad campaigns profitably.

Contact us without commitment and tell us about your needs. We provide a free initial consultation to ensure that your strategy is on track.

Case Studies

Our blog contains some real-life case studies about the partners and brands that we have worked with for some time to show you how we can help you achieve great things



Linkedin offers a great platform for business to business communication and content marketing. If you wish to present your products/services to a well-qualified business audience then let us know. We have years of experience in conceiving and managing advertising and content campaigns on Linkedin.

Contact us with no obligation and tell us about your needs. We offer a free initial consultation.

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Want to promote your products/services on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ and all the other social media channels? Want to find new customers to broaden your business?

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Ramon Fernandez – Co-Founder, Costa Activa

Costa Activa has worked with Positive Partnerships for several years on various international growth projects using cutting-edge online strategies which have really helped us grow our business in a tough environment. We are happy to recommend them.

Mohamed Jajbhay – Revenue Director, The Beaufort Hotel, London

We’ve outsourced our Twitter management to Positive Partnerships for the last 2 years, knowing we can trust them to represent our brand and deliver growth. Not only has our follower count grown from 0 to 4800, we’ve also become more engaged on the platform. Positive Partnerships are always developing new ways to drive targeted traffic to our website. They constantly evolve and I highly recommend them.

Jane Keenan – Marketing Consultant, Tune Hotels UK

Tune Hotels are delighted with the results delivered by Positive Partnerships for our long-term SEO and blog outreach project which has led to consistent gains in our UK organic rankings over the last 2 years, including top 5 positions for priority keywords.

Marta Wasilewska – General Manager, Montagu Place

In a 2 month project, Positive Partnerships launched a Twitter a/c, helped us grow followers to 1200 and grew social media traffic to our website by over 900%.